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The Most Essential Items You Need to Get to Pass Your CFI Checkride

  1. PHAK

  2. Airplane Flying Handbook

  3. ASA - FAR/AIM

  4. The Private and Commercial ACS

  5. The Recreational and Flight Instructor Airplane PTS. 

  6. Lesson Plans

  7. AC 61-65H

  8. AC 60-28B

  9. How the FOI will be tested by your DPE. 

  10. Time to teach lessons from the lesson plans out loud. This is a critical step. 

  11. Charts and the Chart Supplements  (Formerly the A/FD)

  12. The airplanes maintenance records at least a day ahead of time. 337s amd STCs too. 

  13. The airplanes documents, POH, and any Supplements. 

  14. The required endorsements from AC 61-65H including the A.1 and A.2 endorsements. 

  15. Power bars and something to drink to bring to the checkride. 

  16. A room at least an hour before the scheduled start time. Don’t waste a minute of this one hour setup. Organize the room and locate any visual aids you may need. 

  17. Bring a model airplane. cFI Bootcamp uses the Cessna 172 1:42 scale models. You can get them on Amazon for around 20$. 

  18. Bring marker pens and an eraser. 

  19. Bring any video cables and adapters the rooms video equipment requires. Don’t rely on WiFi so an HDMI or VGA cable and adapter to your computer or iPad is important. Most equipment support one of these inputs. 

  20. Get familiar with the video equipment a day before. Also make sure you can connect to WiFi.

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