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First Edition


Fundamentals of Instructing Lesson Plans.

When it comes to FOI, this part of CFI Training is the Achilles heel for a majority of CFI candidates. The problem is that flight instructor applicants typically haven’t been exposed to teaching psychology, human behavior, teaching methods, assessment, etc.  This new material was never part of getting a pilot certificate.  The Aviation Instructor’s Handbook is the basis for the FOI.  It’s voluminous, tricky to read, and filled with theory.  When learning the FOI or when teaching the FOI to a CFI applicant, you need a roadmap that follows the PTS.  Our lesson plans strip the required content in outline form and give you all you need in an expanded form. These lesson plans bridge the gap to provide you with what you need to study or teach the Fundamentals of Instructing.  The FOI Lesson Plans are in PDF format and play well on a laptop, iPhone, iPad, or any device that can use Adobe Acrobat.  They also play well when imported into ForeFlight Documents.

Fundamentals of Instruction Lesson Plans

Why our FOI Lesson Plans?

The FOI acts as a barrier to entry for most Flight Instructors. The truth is that flight instructors are typically not educators. With that in mind, we created the Fundamentals of Instruction in an expanded outline format.  Each element in the PTS is addressed, and the important elements from the Aviation Instructor’s Handbook are used in this expanded outline.  The lesson plans can be used to study or teach from.   They are comprehensive but still maintain an outline format that can be easily followed.


The Fundamentals of Instruction all in One Place.

Explaining and using the Aviation Instructor’s Handbook content requires study.  If you are going to teach it, it needs to be organized with the right amount of information available about each area of operation and elements in the Flight Instructor PTS.  Our FOI lesson plans run on almost any platform.  This makes accessing them, teaching, or studying convenient and much more effective.

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Chapter 1:
Human Behavior and Effective Communication

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Chapter 2:

The Learning Process

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Chapter 3:
The Teaching Process

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Chapter 4:

Assessment and Critique

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Chapter 5:

Instructor Responsibilities and Professionalism

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Chapter 6:

Teaching of Flight Instruction

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Chapter 7:

Risk Management

Key Features

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Save Time, Effort, & Energy.

Struggling to find a solution to your pain? Worry no more. We use these with every student at CFI Bootcamp.

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Iterative Features

Our Lesson Plans have been created in such a way that provides for a quick and easy navigation method through all chapters of the FOI.

Document updates_600x.png

Worried about updates after purchasing? Relax, after purchase you will have access to the most up to date lesson plans for any revision for a year.


Objective, Motivation,
Presentation time, and References.

Not sure where to start, what to cover, or how long you should be spending on each topic?

After decades of experience and countless student successes, we have optimized and enhanced the information for each subject necessary to be covered.

Every lesson has been constructed to guide you through each topic with four key elements per subject to help you stay on track.

Lesson Contents

Each lesson has been tailored with in-depth explanations that are easy to understand. In addition, key focus areas and high resolution images make instructing easy and painless.


Completion Standards

At the end of each lesson there are completion standards to help verify you've covered the requirements and expectations.

Everything FOI

Looking for more FOI focused Training Aids? These FOI focused Training Resources will definitely help cement your knowledge.


Stand Alone - Lesson Plans Only:

  • FOI Lesson Plans:

These are the lesson plans that CFI students use here at CFI Bootcamp. There is a lesson plan for each chapter of the Fundamentals of Instruction with a Title, Objective, Motivation, Presentation, Presentation References, Key Points, Questions for the Instructor Applicant, and Completion Standards.

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