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Explore our Custom made Training Aids.

What you really need from the endless volumes of FAA handbooks, Regulations and Endorsements.

All Digital Files are Provided in a High Resolution PDF Format

CFI Bootcamp Authorized Training Aids

100% Online CFI Course

The Most Comprehensive self-paced studying course

for initial flight instructors.

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Flight Instructor Lesson Plans


These CFI Lesson Plans can be used for teaching flight maneuvers for Sport, Recreational, Private, Commercial Pilots, and Flight Instructors.  These Lesson Plans can fit into most training syllabuses.


Instrument Flight Instructor Lesson Plans

These IFR Lesson Plans cover every area of operation for both the Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane PTS and the knowledge areas for the Instrument Airplane ACS.

CFI Workbook

Our CFI Workbook follows each chapter of the Fundamentals of Instruction and provides scenario questions, study questions, and assessment questions along with crosswords, fill in the blank, and matching puzzles to help ground the FOI into your head.

CFI Workbook Second Edition A _400x.png

Teach Brief - Fly

Teach Brief Fly

A complete Training System to teach flying using either a part 141 or 61 syllabus.

Teach Brief - Fly 
Student Companion Guide

Teach Brief - Fly Student Companion Guide

Everything a student needs for a ground or flight lessons.

Endorsements and Scenarios

This document pose the scenario and then explains the entire process of how to do the training.  Then gives you the endorsement in words.

Endorsement and Scenarios CFI Bootcamp

Ultimate Guide to Endorsements

Essential item for every CFI.  It contains the required eligibility for each certificate or rating you are authorized to provide training for.

FOI Chapter Summaries CFI Bootcamp

FOI Chapter Summaries

Chapter summaries from the Fundamentals of Instructing.  Designed to keep you focused on the main parts of each chapter.

FAR Gold

A concise guide to strip down the regulations that only apply to Airplane Single Engine Land from an instructors perspective.

FAR Gold CFI Bootcamp
Cessna 172 Maneuvers Guide

Cessna 172 Maneuvers Guide

This reference guide contains all of the Private - Commercial maneuvers in the current ACS.

Airspace Flash Cards CFI Bootcamp

Airspace Flash Cards

Really understand the National airspace system. Explanations, descriptions, and over 100 chart excerpts from sectional charts.

Checkride Quick
Study Guide

Build to help you tackle these areas by giving you comprehensive solutions to the problem areas.

Deep dives into the FARs.

Checkride quick study guide CFI Bootcamp
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