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Here is training that CFI Students have been waiting for.  A way to get through all of those training requirements and endorsements! 


We break down the endorsements that a flight instructor can give into 6 categories. We show you what you can do in each and then provide you with scenarios that are organized around those categories.  We pose the scenario and then explain the entire process of how to do the training and give the endorsement in words and in many cases we attach a flow chart that guides you through the FARs involved in the process.

This is training that is so needed in the flight instructor training world.  It's a way for you to learn by scenario and then see if you solved the scenario correctly at each step.  It's kind of like a worked example in mathematics where each step is shown to you to see how it was solved.  Remember "Show your work" on some of these tests you took?  Well, we are going to show the work to you so that you can see the patterns that allow us to break the training and endorsements into 6 categories.


This is one of my most favorite training aids that I've ever created.  I hope it really helps you understand training requirements and endorsements.

Endorsements and Scenarios | Instant Download

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