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Private Pilot
- Pathways -

Interactive "Smart" Syllabus with Lesson Content
Version One

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Private Pilot Pathway On Demandd Lesson Interactivity

On-Demand Lesson | Interactivity 

You decide how much or little of grading and tracking you want.  It's entirely flexible. 

Deliver a lesson on the ground or in flight and content automatically loads for you to teach from.  Project it, show it, and draw on it using Adobe Acrobat or Foreflight Documents.


Private Pilot Pathway Seamless in flight Experience

Seamless | In-Flight Experience

Instructors don't need an internet connection to use Pathways.  The content will always be delivered and will work seamlessly on the ground or in flight. 


Endorsements | Automatically Generated

Complete a checklist and the correct endorsement is automatically generated with your name, CFI number, expiration, and the students name.  All ready for you to sign.  The checklist makes sure you did everything before you give the endorsements.  


Private Pilot Pathway Automatically Generated Endorsements

Cross Platform | Play

You shouldn't have to worry about being limited by the type of device that is being used.  The Pathway has been built for cross-device use.  You may also print without the worry of losing the margins. 


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Private Pilot Pathway Compatibility Thoughtless Choice

Compatibility | Thoughtless Choice

Compatible with different PDF readers.  You have one or more of these installed already on your device. 


The Industry Has Spoken.

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Tyler W. Private Pilot Pathway Testimonial
Jaden W Private Pilot Pathway Testimonial
Rebecca T. Private Pilot Pathway Testimonial
Linda S. Private Pilot Pathway Testimonial

Jaden W.

Linda S.

Tyler W.

Rebecca T.

I completed the 10 days of intense learning with a WEALTH of knowledge, and a massive appreciation for Mike and my instructor, Sherry Diamond.

I passed my CFI yesterday on the first pass.  Thanks again for the excellent ground school.

I took the initial CFI Bootcamp back in late summer of 2020.  I had prepared myself by revising all the lecture videos and by using the CFI Workbook, Study Guide, FAR Gold, Lesson Plans and all the other Bootcamp materials.

Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help over the past year getting my CFI and then CFII done.  The Bootcamp experience has been excellent and you, Sherry and everyone else involved were wonderful!

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