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Teach Brief - Fly

"A Complete Training System to Teach Flying

Using Either a Part 141 or 61 Syllabus"

Teach Brief Fly

For the first time, in the FAA-style aviation training environment, there is finally a way for any Flight Instructor, or School to provide complete ground lessons, preflight briefings, and what to say in the airplane no matter what syllabus they use.  It works for both Part 61 and Part 141 training.

Teach Brief Fly Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Learn More lesson Plans Teach Brief Fly_400x-8.png
Learn More Pre flight briefins Teach Brief Fly_400x-8.png
Pre-Flight Briefings Teach Brief Fly_400x-100.jpg

Pre - Flight Briefings

Teaching Private and Commercial Manuevers Teach Brief Fly_1_400x-100.jpg

Teaching Private and Commercial Maneuvers

Learn More Pre flight briefins Teach Brief Fly_400x-8.png
Learn More Pre flight briefins Teach Brief Fly_400x-8.png

Key Features

Save Time Teach Brief Fly_400x.png

Save Hours, Days, Weeks, and Even Months

Let us save you from an enormous amount of pain.  We use these with every student at CFI Bootcamp and they've been refined over the years and have become the most effective lesson plan resource to flight instructors everywhere.  They are constructed in a logical order to teach any Private or Commercial Maneuver and any technical subject area in the Flight Instructor PTS.

Clickable TOC Teach Brief Fly_400x.png

Clickable Table of Content and Bookmarks

Teach Brief - Fly has been created in a way that provides for a quick and easy navigation method through the Private and Commercial areas of the ACS.  With one click you're exactly where you want to be. 

Updates Teach Brief Fly_400x.png


Worried about updates after purchasing Teach Brief - Fly?  Worry no more, after purchase you will have access up to a year of the most up to date version.

CFI Lesson Plan Back Ground Teach Brief Fly_400x-100.jpg

Lesson Plans

The Lesson Plans can fit into almost any training syllabus.

Asset 12_400x-8.png
Asset 12_400x-8.png
CFI Lesson Plan White Large Background Teach Brief Fly_400x-8.png

Flight Maneuver 
Lesson Plan

Each Flight Maneuver Lesson Plan has an Objective, Motivation, Presentation, Time for how long it should take, Key points, Common Errors, Questions to ask the students, Completion Standards, and Risk Managment.

Maneuver lesson Plan Teach Brief Fly_400x-8.png

The Ground Lessons

The Ground Lessons have an Objective, Motivation, Presentation, and how long it should take, Instructor's actions, Student's actions, and References.

Ground Lessons Teach Brief Fly

Lesson Plans for
Ground Instruction

There are also Lesson Plans for Ground Instruction:  All of the technical subject areas in the Flight Instructors PTS are included.

Lesson Plans for Ground Instruction Teach Brief Fly
Pre - Flight Briefings Back Ground Teach Brief Fly_400x-8.png

Pre - Flight Briefings

The Pre - Flight Briefings section built with-in Teach Brief - Fly were constructed in such a way that any Flight Instructor can illustrate them with ease to their student.  Along with the illustrations, the instructor will be able to find the associated content that correlates correctly with each Flight Maneuver.

Pre Flight Briefings Teach Brief Fly_400x-8.png
Teaching Private and commecial Manuevers Teach Brief Fly BackGround_400x-8.png

Teaching Private and Commercial Maneuvers

Teaching Private and commercial manuevers White Background Teach Brief Fly_400x-8.png

What to say in the Airplane. 

The actual words to say and concepts to demonstrate for every maneuver.

Lesson Plas Preview
Pre Flight Briefigs
TechingPrivate an Commercial Manuevers
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