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This is the second edition of our CFI Workbook that all of our CFI Bootcamp students use while they are training with us.


The workbook follows each chapter of the Fundamentals of Instructing and provides scenario questions, study questions and assessment questions along with crosswords, fill in the blank and matching puzzles to help ground the FOI into your head. It also has chapters on Regulations and endorsements, Aerodynamics, Airspace and much more. All with lots of questions to help you work with the ground knowledge required for the CFI certificate. Each chapter also has the answers to the questions and has the reference from an FAA Handbook or FAR. CFI students really like this workbook because it gives them a chance to use the information and at the same time test their knowledge. At the end of the workbook there are also “Flow Charts” to guide you through the TSA process, soloing a student, sending a student on cross country, adding an additional category or class rating and much more. This document ships as a PDF that is all set to be printed by you with room in the margins for spiral binding so that it lays flat as you use it.


Preview our Interactive CFI Workbook by clicking here.


For the best user experience download Adobe Acrobat Pro PDF Reader. 


Second Edition CFI Workbook | Instant Download

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