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CFI Students at CFI Bootcamp and everywhere else want to know what tare the problems areas or emphasis areas are on a checkride (Practical Test). At CFI Bootcamp we do lots of initial CFIs and have compiled problem areas we find students struggle with.


This new training aid was built to help you tackle these areas by giving you comprehensive solutions to the problem areas. The guide dives into the FARs (Regulations) because these are difficult for people to get their heads around. There are so many and some that don't even apply to an airplane. This study guide will help you with the regulations, focus your attention on the most important ones and using our flow charts make understanding how to navigate them much clearer.


We also hear a lot about your pain when it comes to the FOI. So, we responded by giving you our FOI chapter summaries that boil down each chapter to the essential things to know. We also tell you what you need to memorize and help drill that into your memory with flash cards that you can step through in this guide.


At the end of the study guide we address the most important things to do a few days before the checkride. It focuses the time you have remaining to the most likely areas that are tested at a high level.


So, please go through this study guide and leave time to really take it in and understand it. If you are still struggling, you can get with your local CFI or book time with one of our CFIs here at CFI Bootcamp for one to one online sessions. You can find more out about that and all of our other products at


-Mike Shiflett - Director of Training - May 2019 Miami Beach, FL

Checkride Quick Study Guide | Instant Download

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