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Accelerated CFI Training

A Complete Structured Accelerated CFI Training System, 
Developed by Industry Leaders.

Palto Alto, CA and Miami, FL.




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CFI Bootcamp's Accelerated CFI Training System

Our 3 week Accelerated CFI Course is designed to help you successfully achieve your goal of becoming a Certified Flight Instructor.  You can expect an intensive tailored immersive program covering all of the technical subject areas you'll be expect to demonstrate.  You will be guided by industry leaders to ensure your fundamental knowledge, teaching methods, and flight proficiency are beyond the industry "Standard". 


Our Accelerated CFI Training system is structured into 3 segments.  Online, Ground, and or Flight. 


75% of your training may be completed virtually if desired.  

Part 61 Requirements. 

CFI Bootcamp's Accelerated CFI Training System operates on a Part 61 basis. Which follows as: 

  • Receive and log ground training on the Fundamentals of Instructing, and Aeronautical Knowledge Areas for Recreationsl, Private and Commercial Pilots. 

  • Take and pass a knowledge test for the Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) and Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA). 

  • Receive and log flight training from an Authorized Instructor per 61.69. 

  • Take and pass a practical test (Checkride). 

Note: Training must be received by a CFI who has held their certificate for at least 2 years and has given at least 200 hours of flight instruction (There are a few exceptions, but they are not widely used). 



A 42 Hour 100% Online CFI Course we have you complete before attending our 7 day scenario ground school.  This online content is embedded with our custom workbook, selfstudy guide, assessments, and our other curated documents found with-in our online store.  One may expect to spend 2/3 weeks digesting the information in a realistic comprehensive manner.  By completing the 100% online CFI Course thoroughly, a students first time pass rate improves dramatically.  It's a reason why CFI Bootcamp's Accelerated CFI Training System works! 


  • Complete 100% Online CFI Course.

  • Self-Study Guide.

  • Self-Paced.

100% Online CFICourse

Complete our 100% Online Flight Instructor Course.

Taught by a former FAA and CAA Examiner.

Complete HD - Self Paced. 



A 7 day scenario driven Accelerated CFI Training experience. 

Learn to work together to complete:

  • Learn to teach from our Lesson Plans - Critique and Help.

  • Everything Student Pilot - Soloing Students and More. 

  • Master Complex Regulation and Endorsements. 

  • How to teach Aerodynamics, Airspace, Regulations, and More. 

  • FOI - Using our mind maps to fully understand key concepts.

  • Completing logbooks for student, private, commercial, recreational, sport, CFI and added category and class ratings.

Accelerated CFI Training Ground School

Attend 7 Days of Immersive Training. 

Maximizing your Checkride Success.

In-Person or Live Streaming.


($4,000 - 6,000)

When you elect to visit us in person for our 7 day immersive ground school, and also elect to continue flight, you an epect to fly in the mornings and or evenings during the 7 days of ground.  The following week after the 7 days of ground a student can expect intensive dedicated flight training with pre and post flight briefings.  This continues for roughly 15 hours of flight and 10 - 12 hours of ground. ​ (Checkride Fees are not Included)


10hr - Pre and Post Flight Briefings.

Learn to Teach from the Right Seat.

15hrs - Dual Flight.

CFI Bootcamp has the Experience and the Track Record
to get you Finished in 3 weeks! 


Tyler. W

I took the Initial CFI Bootcamp back in late summer of 2020.  Between covid and other issues... I was very well prepared, and the oral exam was actually fun. Rich is very happy with candidates coming to him from the Bootcamp.


Binod. A

I just wanted to let you know I finally took the CFI checkride and passed it first time! 

I wanted to think you for the ground school and online course and material you provide. Truly it is highly organized.



Overall it was a breeze and he seemed very happy with what he saw and praised the training we are getting here at CFI Bootcamp! 

All thanks to the dream team at CFI Bootcamp Mike, Sherry, and Doug!

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