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Captains Reinstatement Course 

Designed to get up to speed and reinstate your
Flight Instructor Certificate. 


We have provided training for:

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Captains Course Overview

If it’s been a while since you were a flight instructor and you’re coming back into General Aviation, this course is for you.  Things have changed, like regulations, airspace, endorsements, FARs and more.


Fortunately, this course is designed to bring you back up to speed.  You will need to complete a practical test (Checkride) to reinstate your instructor certificate but you don’ t need to do everything over again.  You also don’t need to take a knowledge test or be endorsed to take the checkride.  This course prepares you for the technical subject areas that can be tested.  


You can take this online course and find a local CFI to do some flight training, or you can come to one of our two locations (Palo Alto, CA and Miami, FL), fly with us and take the checkride at CFI Bootcamp.  If you want more practical training after the online course, you can also attend one of our 7-day scenario classes that focuses on using the everyday tools of a CFI like lesson plans, endorsements, identifying training requirements, teaching aerodynamics and a lot more.  This live class is both in-person and virtually via Zoom.  Let us know how we can help.  We are here to help you succeed. 

Course Contents
Course Contens

Content Overview

CFI Reinstatement Course

Teaching Aerodynamics

CFI Reinstatement

ADM and Risk Management

cfi renewal

Aircraft Systems

FAR 61 Subparts

expired CFI

National Airspace

Airspace Emphasis .jpg

Radio Navigation

CFI Reinstatement Course

Weight and Balance and High Altitude Flight

Weight and balance.jpg

Teaching the

Flight Maneuvers

Teaching Flight Maneuvers .jpg

Cessna 172 Systems

Cessna 172n systems .jpg
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Get Started Now

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