Reinstatement Captains Course

Did you you let your CFI Certificate Expire?

Is it time to re-visit your Flight Instructor Carrer?

CFI Bootcamp has the Experience and Resources to Reinstate an Expired CFI Certificate. 

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Becoming a Flight Instructor is the typcial path towards building ATP time for a Commercial Airline Pilot Carerr. Typically once a Pilot obtaines the total number of sufficent time to start thier Commercial Carrer, one may find themselves neglecting to stay proficent in commercial Manuevers and or keeping thier CFI instated. 

As time passes an Airline Pilot may find themselves wanting to continue Teaching as a Filght Instructor. But, are unable to demonstarte or have lost touch with Instructing Commercial Manuevers, Regulation Changes, and Industry Innovations that a Flight Instructor must be capable of when teching Student Pilots. 

When this arries, the following questions are ask.

How do I net let my Certificate Expire? 

How do I re-instate my Certificate? 

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Online Captains Course Contents 

Aircraft Systems

Electrical System Part 1

Electrical Systems Part 2 Landing Gear Flight Controls and Braking

FAR 61 Subpart A,B,C,D,E and F

FAR61 Student Pilot 

FAR61 Studetn Pilots XC Requirements 

FAR61 Private Rec Commercial Pilots : Part 1 

FAR61 Private Rec Commercial Pilots : Part 2 

FAR61 Scenarios 

FAR61 Commercial Scenarios 

ACS and FAR61 SubPart A,B,C the Hidden FAR's 

Weight and Balance and High Altitude Flight 

Weight and Blance and High Altitude Flight 

Runway Incursion Avoidance 

Runway Incurrsion Avoidance 



Airwothiness Requirements 

Certificates and Documents 

Airplane Flight Controls 

Aeromedical Factors 

Visual Scanning and Collision Avoidance 

Airport Signage 

Performance and Limitations


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Reinstatement Summary 

FAR 61.197 - Renewal of a Certificate (It's not Expired Yet)

FAR 61.199 - Reinstatement requirements (It's Expired)


Renewal Required: By Activity (Go to FSDO), Checkride, FIRC.


FIRC graduation certificate are of no use once your certificate expires. Certificate must be reissued BEFORE the expiration date, regardless of then you finshed the FIRC. 

To renew on activity - 5 practical test - 80% pass on the first try. (Go to FSDO for reissuance).

FIRC - 16 hours log (Live or Online). You can renew your CFI within 2 months of it's expiration and keep the expiration month of your certificate 24 calendar months later. 

Reinstatement is required when your CFI is expired. This can be done by practical test ONLY.

Flight Instructor PTS has a Renewal / Reinstatement table to determine which Areas of Operatio nand which task within them are required to be tested. 

You can reinstate ALL ratings by passinga practial test for any of the CFI ratings you have Questions to ask yourself:

Which test is easier and more like what i do now? What am I going to do with the certificate? ( Maybe better to prepare for that kind of test instead) 

The practical test (Checkride) is NOT a formatlity. You will be tested in a piston airplane doing both Commercial and Private Pilot Maneuvers. This is NOT a test of flying from A-B with some emergencies thrown in. 

The reinstatement doesn't require an endorsement. 

No need to get another spin endorsement.

Good News! - FOI isn't listed as required to be evaluated again. 

Get a training course, an experienced CFI and the FAA Handbooks, Resources etc. Get familiar with the content. 

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