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Virtual CFI Ground School

Join us online, from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere in the world. We have proven that it is possible to efficiently receive world-class Live Online CFI Training. 

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Our Live Online CFI Program 

Complete 75% of your CFI Training Virtually


100% Online CFI Course

Self Paced! Lifetime access! 

Complete our 42 hour 100% Online CFI Course at your own pace. Embedded full with assessments and all of our custom curated digital resources. 



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7 Day Virtual Ground School

7 Day Class Atteneded Virtually

We offer classes once a month, specifically for CFI Training. This class builds on what you learned in the online course. It’ scenario-driven.




7-10 Days of Flights

In-Person Flights

You’ll spend about 15 hours in the right seat of a 172 learning how to teach all of the private and commercial maneuvers. By the end, you'll be ready for your checkride!



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