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A Deeper Look

Our Instructors 

Director of Training

Mike Shiflett

Director of Training

Assistant Director of Training

Jonathan Ray

Assistant Director of Training

Palo Alto | Flight Manager

Sherry Diamond

Palo Alto | Flight Manager

Miami | Flight Manager

Daniel Aerogon

Miami | Flight Manager

We use a team of four instructors to get you through the training.  The Classroom and all academics are taught by a former Designated Pilot Examiner and Aviation Author.

His courseware is used by major Aviation Universities and Academies in the US.


Flight training is conducted by hand-selected Flight Instructors trained by the company founder.  This approach ensures you will have a solid academic background to pass the oral and begin teaching right after the class.  You will be employable and be able to teach all of the Private and Commercial pilot program lessons with no additional training.


Using several instructors for flight training allow flexibility in scheduling and also offers different perspectives on how to teach based upon different learning and teaching styles.


  • “After a bad experience at anohther large flight school, I came here and finished up with great comments from my examiner after the CFI test.”

Lilly J.



  • “You know right away that this place understands the content and delivers it to you in an in depth way.”

Martin C.



  • “Mike truly understands the content.  All the other CFI's ask him when they don't know.  Classes are also humorous at times, which helps.”

   Miranda H.



  • “I decided that I really wanted to be able to work right after I passed the CFI checkride.  I didn't want to look foolish when I had my first student.  This place made sure I was ready to pass the checkride AND teach right out of the gate.”

Joseph M.

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