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How to teach any maneuver


This gets consistent results!

  1. So how do you do a maneuver anyway? One instructor says to do it this way and another a different way – POH or the Airplane Flying Handbook. Don’t fly on opinion.

  2. The laws of learning – Readiness, Effect, Exercise, Primacy, Intensity, and Recency. How do you craft a lesson that contains each of these elements?

  3. The Domains of learning: Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor – You need to control this as a good instructor.

  4. Set subgoals for slower learners and higher goals for quick learners.

  5. The demonstration performance method of teaching in-flight – Explain (Cognitive, Demonstrate (Cognitive), Student Practice (Psychomotor), Instructor Supervision (Cognitive), Evaluation (Cognitive and Affective).

  6. Flight instructing is like sausage-making. You don’t want to know what goes inside as long as it looks like a sausage when it's done – Make it look like a steep turn.

  7. The importance of a ground school or online course – Risk can’t be averted without aeronautical knowledge. Knowledge allows you to manage risks that aren’t obvious.

  8. How to prepare your student for the lesson – Teach Brief-Fly! Student Companion Guide.

  9. The importance of an excellent pre-flight briefing. What should it contain? – Teach Brief-Fly! Instructor Guide.

  10. Asking the students questions and having them demonstrate the procedure using the model airplane.

  11. The super importance of a post-flight briefing and critique. Constructive criticism improves performance.

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