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"A Complete Training System to teach flying using either a Part 141 or 61 Syllabus"


For the first time, in the FAA-style aviation training environment, there is finally a way for any Flight Instructor, or School to provide complete ground lessons, preflight briefings, and what to say in the airplane no matter what syllabus they use. It also works for Part 61 and 141 training.


Teach Brief - Fly gives a Flight Instructor Three things.


  1. A comprehensive set of Lesson Plans to do a thorough ground briefing on a maneuver or technical subject from either the Private, Recreational, Sport, or Commercial pilot course of training. ​
  2. A complete set of Pre-Flight Briefings formatted on a whiteboard with illustrations a non-artist can draw.
  3. The actual words to say and concepts to demonstrate for every maneuver


Student Companion Guide gives a Student: 


Everything a Student Needs for a Ground or Flight Lesson. 


This book is intended to be used with the instructor version, Teach Brief-Fly. The intent 

is for the student to come prepared for the lesson by having completed the maneuver or ground lesson student guide items for that lesson.


The titles of each maneuver have been aligned with the name of the maneuver in the Airplane Flying Handbook. These names will be slightly different than those used in

the PTS and ACS.   

Teach Brief - Fly + Student Companion Guide | Bundle

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