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All Digital Files are Provided in a High Resolution PDF File

Perfect the Maneuvers Based on Standardization

Standardizing maneuvers based training will allow flight instructors to move between other instructors students knowing that they are being taught the same procedures all be it by different instructors. All large academies use standardization in their flight instructor indoctrination so that every CFI teaches the maneuvers the same way. For the student, standardization of maneuvers based training allows them to see the procedure ahead of time and practice it in a simulator, procedural trainer or by "chair flying".This Cessna 172 Quick Reference Guide contains all of the Private - Commercial maneuvers in the current ACS.  It also includes the flight instructor demonstration stalls required in the Flight Instructor ACS.

Focus your Efforts Towards Truly Understanding the Correct FAR Pathway Towards Endorsements

Here is the training that CFI Students have been waiting for.

A way to get through all of those training requirements and endorsements! We break down the endorsements that a flight instructor can give into 6 categories.


We show you what you can do in each and then provide you with scenarios that are organized around those categories. We pose the scenario and then explain the entire process of how to do the training and give the endorsement in words and in many cases we attach a flow chart that guides you through the FARs involved in the process.

This is training that is so needed in the flight instructor training world. It's a way for you to learn by scenario and then see if you solved the scenario correctly at each step. It's kind of like a worked example in mathematics where each step is shown to you to see how it was solved. Remember "Show your work" on some of these tests you took? Well, we are going to show the work to you so that you can see the patterns that allow us to break the training and endorsements into 6 categories.

Master your Knowledge of Airspace

Previously the problem has been that you can't test yourself to see if you are right or not. You can open a chart and ask yourself what the airspace is at this point and the next, but you don't know if you are right. You would typically have to pay a CFI to sit with you and point on a chart and then they would tell you if you got it right.  On your own you might just be practicing the wrong answers over and over again.


Crack the FOI

So, people say that the FOI is the hardest part to study. There's too much new information that's unrelated to a persons previous training. The Aviation Instructors Handbook is over 200 pages. Full of theory and psychology with little real world aviation examples. Most people find this one of the hardest parts of the CFI Checkride. They are right!  We took the FOI and made incredibly usable versions with eye catching versions.  We tell you what to memorize, what to know in concept, and more.

STOP Creating Lesson Plans for every Maneuver

Struggling with creating your own lesson plans?  Why do that? A high school teacher doesn’t create all of their own lesson plans and neither should you.  Our lesson plans are complete and ready to teach from. We use these with every student at CFI BootCamp and they’ve been refined over the years to be super effective allowing you to have a logical order to teach any Private or Commercial Maneuver and any technical subject area in the Flight Instructor PTS.

How do you test yourself once you’ve read or watched a video on a topic like the Fundamentals of Instruction - Human Behavior?  Simple, use our workbook.  It’s full of study questions, Scenario questions and assessment questions for each chapter in the FOI.  It’ also covers regulations, aerodynamics airspace and more….. Answers and chapter and page number references are included for all questions.  188 pages.

How can you check to see if you understand the information you just learned?

Ready to figure out the requirements for eligibility for each certificate or rating? From Sport pilot through Commercial pilot and flight instructor this guide has a separate section for every certificate and rating. This guide will ensure that you finish all of the required training, give the correct endorsements and make the examiners life easy by having ground and flight training logs that show where each FAR requirement was done. 

Ensure you understand the requirements for each Certification and Rating!

You can quickly scan this document to see what is in each FAR because we wrote a one or two sentence description of what is in each one.  No more ….except as provided in paragraph d 2 ii of this section…blah blah blah…you get what’s in the regulation instantly. Also included is our Part 61 for Flight Instructors Explained.

Quit wasting time trying to figure out the meaning behind the dreaded FAR's!

This new training aid was built to help you tackle these areas by giving you comprehensive solutions to the problem areas. The guide dives into the FARs (Regulations) because these are difficult for people to get their head around. We took the problem areas we have found over lots and lots of Checkrides with different examiners and provided solutions for them. We also cover the Fundamentals of instructing (FOI) by summarizing each chapter and showing you what needs to be memorized. FOI flash cards insure you get the memory items down. Finally we show you what to study and polish a few days before your checkride. This 104 page checkride study guide will help you prepare for your checkride. 

Tackle your CFI Checkride by focusing your efforts on the topics that matter! 

The Ultimate CFI Training Pack

Airspace Flash Cards 

Endorsement Summary Questions 

Ultimate Guide to Endorsements 

CFI Self Study Guide Online Course 

Lesson Plans 

We've stripped all of the unnecessary FAA Handbooks and documents to create the Ultimate CFI Training Kit. Whether your using it to study for your CFI, or to teach from for your Students, everything we find essential to know approaching your Checkride can be found here.

Ensure the Mastering of your CFI with Our Custom made Training Essentials 

This is our complete resource for CFI students and CFIs already working.  It’s a Digital file cabinet full of timely and useful references.  All of CFI Bootcamp’s students use this during their training and most continue to use it after they are done.  It’s completely organized into sections so finding the information you want is easy. 


                                                                                                                Contains the Following & More!

Lesson Plans 


Self-Study Guide for the Online Course 

Checkride Quick Study Guide 

FOI Chapter Summaries 

Radio Communications

Regulations and Endorsements

Flight Training Guides 

Private Pilot Grondschool Syllabus

FAA Material - Handbooks & ACS etc


Training Pack





Product Difference 


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Asset 20.png

Associated Options and Features

Lesson Plans

Ultimate Guide to Endorsements

CFI Self Study Guide Online Course

Airspace Flash Cards

CFI Endorsements Summaries

C172 Maneuvers Guide / Preflight action

FOI Chapter Summaries 

FAR Gold

Checkride Quick Study Guide


The CFI Bootcamp way...

Other CFI programs offer you a class and a bunch of FAA handbooks.  No one else offers you this level of custom content to guide you through the CFI ground training.  We made it easier and way less frustrating.

CFI Bootcamp’s Custom Content is always included in our online course.  It’s also available in CFI Essentials at our online store 


"The CFI Bootcamp maneuvers lesson plans, regulation overviews, endorsements guides and FOI materials are understandable and professional. They have curated FAA documents and publications, from handbooks to relevant AC's and legal opinions, into one place." 

Kevin G. / April 2019 / West Menlo Park, CA

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