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Cold Weather Operations Winter Flying Tips for Cold Days

Outline Overview:
  1. So when exactly is night?

  2. 61.57 - a ridiculous regulation. You can do 3 takeoffs and landings an hour after sunset and it still isn’t night, or maybe it isn’t daylight?

  3. Winterization kits - on they come for winter.

  4. Preheat - heated dipsticks.

  5. Forced air heater

  6. If you need to wear a winter coat you should probably preheat.

  7. Below 32F. 0C and 15F, -5c should preheat. Below -5C need to preheat.

  8. Heated hangar or at least a hangar.

  9. Removing ice and frost 

  10. Driving fluid. Hold over times.

  11. Runway condition. How about taxiways?

  12. Ice on a runway or taxiway.

  13. Landing on an unplowed surface -Don’t.

  14. Blankets, gloves and hats.

  15. A winter survival kit.

  16. Run ups. Wait until you have oil temperature.

  17. Flying in snow. It may not stick to the plane.

  18. In a pinch a credit card Dan remove frost and ice.

  19. Sublimation. Park into the sun.

  20. Sunglasses. Snow blindness.

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