Accelerated Instrument Rating  

Introducing a quick and thorough way to get your Instrument Rating by a Company who knows Accelerated training.

"A big shout out to Mike Shifflet and his team for putting their best to make the best instructors in town. I feel proud to be one them."  - Sunder 2019', CA

Available in both of our CA and FL locations and if preferred, your location.

A Deeper look into our IFR Program

Online IFR course that covers all of the technical subject areas for the rating. It's around 12 hours of solid content. 

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After you complete the Online Course you'll either come to us, or we'll come to you. Training will start on day one and 14 days later you'll have completed the course and take your checkride. 

Our Proven Methods in Accelerated Training will get you through your Instrument Rating Quickly.  

The 14 day course consist of the following: 

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Committed to Training

CFI Bootcamp believes training is the forefront of safety. We strive to educate and develop our students into decision making pilots. By using our custom curated documents and online course, we are able to effectively and efficiently provide world class training.

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