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Teaching VFR and IFR Using the Best iPad Apps


A list of apps was demonstrated during this Power Hour.

  1. ForeFlight - Performance Pro

  2. Nav Trainer - Pilots Cafe

  3. Hold Trainer - Pilots Cafe

  4. G1000 PFD Simulator - SImbionic

  5. GTN Trainer - Garmin

  6. GPS Trainer - Garmin

  7. TXi Trainer - Garmin

  8. Cessna 172 NAV III Electrical System - Aircraft Training Aids

  9. C172 Performance - POH Performance, LLC

  10. ForeFlight - 3D View, 3D flight, Profile view with Clouds, Icing and Turbulence, Surface Analysis, Wind (Speeds).

  11. NavTrainer - VOR, HSI, ADF, RMI trainer - Navigation, Holding.

  12. Hold Trainer - Hold entries track/north up, VOR holding, Bearing to - holding practice.

  13. G1000 PDF Simulator - Most G1000 PDF Functionality, Autopilot usage and annunciators.  It doesn’t have failure modes that can be selected.

  14. GTN Trainer - GPS trainer for 625, 635, 650, 725, 750.

  15. GPS Trainer - GPS trainer for GPS 175, GNC 355A, GNC 355, GNX 375.

  16. TXi Trainer - Cherokee Six and CIrrus TXi display trainer.

  17. Cessna 172 NAV III Electrical System - G1000 Electrical System Simulator.

  18. C172 Performance—This is a T/O, Enroute, and Landing Distance calculator for the C172S. It also includes a Risk Assessment Tool.

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