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Teaching Instruments Effectively

  1. Two methods of airplane control by the flight instruments:

    1. Control/Performance

    2. Primary/Supporting

  2. One of the two methods MUST be demonstrated/used on a checkride for Flight Instructor Instrument


  3. You are not required to demonstrate or use for the Instrument Rating Airplane checckride.

  4. Best Practice - Use an AATD and Freeze the altitude.

  5. Use the Autopilot First to show how to control the airplane using the method chosen. This models

    ideal behavior.

  6. Scan patterns are:

    1. Selective Radial

    2. Inverted V - To cross-check potentially failed instruments

    3. Big Six

  7. The Primary/Supporting method relies on a primary pitch, primary bank, and primary power instrument.

    Control is made with reference to the primary instruments for each action, such as a constant

    airspeed climb, straight and level flight, standard rate turn, etc.

  8. Control performance uses the attitude indicator as a starting point for all actions. There are control

    instruments - Attitude Indicator and RPM/MAP. Performance Instruments - Airspeed Indicator,

    Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator and Turn Coordinator. Navigation Instruments - HSI, VOR etc.

    This method says that for every attitude and power setting some predictable performance will be


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