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Finding Success at Accelerated CFI Schools, Studying using the CFI PTS, Electric Airplanes, Airventure 2022

July 2022

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Finding Success at Accelerated CFI Training Schools

Over the years of providing accelerated CFI training we have learned a lot. We’ve learned that most people do fine if they come prepared. If they aren’t prepared then there won’t be enough time for them to complete the program.

So what is prepared? Excellent question! I made a list of the most important things to do prior to going to any accelerated program and I’ll provide some advice about managing your expectations.

Here is the list.

  1. Make sure you could pass a commercial pilot airplane single engine land checkride again before you come. You should already be able to do all of the commercial maneuvers to ACS standards or fairly close.

  2. Get the spin endorsement before you come if possible. It saves almost a day and the ceiling required to do spins is pretty high. By doing so, it saves time, and energy.

  3. Get at least 5 hours of dual instruction with you in the right seat. It really takes a lot of the unknowns out of the picture for you when you arrive.

  4. Don’t bring people with you unless they plan to function on their own. You won’t have time to spend on entertaining friends and family.

  5. Most accelerated courses are full days of flying, ground instruction, classroom instruction, teaching practice and studying. In our program you’d be here for about 2 weeks. The class is 7 full days with flights in the mornings. The following week is flights and one-to-one ground and self study until you are done.

  6. Make sure you complete any prerequisite work, like our online course. There isn’t any time to catch up when you are in the heat of the course.

In terms of managing your expectations you should know that your training and checkride have been organized prior to you coming. Substantial resources like airplane times, instruction and an examiner have been dedicated to you. Make sure you are coming in prepared and you have the stamina to fly, do ground, attend class and study every day you are here. There will be times here and there where there is a bit of free time, but this is the exception.

In the end accelerated training compresses the time, not the training. At our school you will have done a 42 hour online course prior to coming, then a 42 hour 7-day immersion course that focuses on actually using the info in the online course and another 10 hours of one-to-one instruction.

That's 90 plus hours of ground training. On the flight side there is about 10-15 hours of dual instruction with pre and post flight briefings. The online course allows you to come and finish in two weeks. Again, we compress the time, not the training.

The nice thing about accelerated training is that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel as long as you show up prepared. You’ll have an end date and work toward that finish up checkride every day you are here. When people do what this article says, they leave successful and it doesn't take a lifetime to complete. I hope this helps you if you are thinking about doing accelerated flight training.

Something new for studying for your CFI using the CFI PTS!

I like to let you in on things we are working on at CFI Bootcamp before we tell everyone else. So this thing I’m working on is really going to be a game changer for the way people study for their CFI checkride using the CFI PTS.

As you know the CFI PTS is broken down into areas of operation and under that are tasks. In each task there are elements. Elements are the individual pieces that make up a task.

So, for example, Area of Operation II is called Technical Subject Areas. There is a task called Aeromedical Factors.

Within that task are the elements, with such things as Hypoxia, Hyperventilation, middle ear and sinus and so on. When CFI Students are studying for the CFI Checkride there is always the question of what to study, and where the appropriate material to study it is located.

Well, you know by now that I’m an innovator. If you look at our products like airspace flashcards, Regulation and Endorsement Scenarios, our Workbook and so on, you won’t find anyone else that has those. I’m pretty good at identifying what's causing students difficulty and then crafting up things to help with that, that other companies just don’t have.

So enter my latest project called CFI PTS - Laser Focus Guide. This guide will allow you to pick up the PTS and begin studying, showing you where all of the things you need to know are located.

For example, if you are studying the FOI, for each element in the CFI PTS I’ve included where that information is located by FAA Handbook, Chapter and Page Number. For the regulations and endorsements, I include the FAR and which endorsement(s) are required in the AC 61-65H document to authorize or certify what is necessary.

It’s like a complete index for the CFI PTS. Imagine as you are studying being able to go to the exact area where the content for that task is located. You could pick a topic from the PTS and then immediately have all of the content, source material and so on right away.

This is really going to cut down the amount of study time that is normally necessary. Further, imagine having that available on a practical test.

I’m not sure where I’ll stop with this. My first pass will just be to index the CFI PTS to all of the references, FARs and so on. After that I’m thinking about adding notes on a separate document that clarifies some of the more difficult things. I may also add anything we have that would make it easier, etc., in addition to the FAA references.

My goal is to complete this project in August. So if you are going to be taking a test in the Fall you may just want to use this new product as a study guide and reference

Are you interested in Electric Airplanes? - Here is some insight I had from a meeting about adding Pipistrel airplanes to our fleet.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of being able to not have to use a piston engine for propulsion in GA airplanes. I think the technology we currently have is, well, very dated and searching for a solution. Similar to the GPS and Avionics revolution that GA finally was able to acquire and use, I think improvements to engine technology should be next.

I’m not sure an electric airplane rings the bell quite yet. I believe that the battery technology is the primary obstacle. The reason for this is that the energy density of a battery can’t match or come close to fuel. The physical size and weight of current batteries work for cars but not yet for planes that need to have an appreciable range.

I’m delighted that large, well capitalized companies, like Tesla, GM, Ford and so on are putting considerable effort into improving battery technology. That will help drive the possibility of an airplane that can truly compete with a piston engine airplane.

Here are some of the hurdles that need to be overcome before we could really use an electric airplane:

  1. Battery life - Currently 1.5 hours. We need more like 2.5. For a flight school replacement fleet it would look more like 3 or more hours.

  2. Battery charging time - Currently 45 minutes. Battery replacement is 5 minutes.

  3. Airworthiness Certificate - Currently Experimental. That won’t work for a school unless everyone is an owner of the airplanes who flies/uses them.

My little birdies tell me that the FAA is going to make an announcement at Airventure in Oshkosh next week regarding Light Sport Airplane and Electric Airplanes. I don’t know what they are going to say, but I am eager to hear.

Meet Mike at Airventure 2022 in Oshkosh, WI next week

If you’re a fan of the power hours, CFI Bootcamp, or an aviation enthusiast in general make sure to stop by and say hi. Mike will be at the show (airventure 2022) July 29th and 30th. He will be in Hangar B in SAFE’s booth off and on but for sure between 1 and 2:30pm both days. Stop by and say hello and see some of our products that we had printed and spiral bound.

Accelerated CFI Training Airventure 2022

Mike will also be at SAFE’s member dinner at the Partner Resource Center located on the show grounds on the 28th starting at 6pm. To attend the dinner you can go to and get a ticket. You can secure a dinner ticket for just $38.

Are you looking to do CFI training because there is a need in your area?

CFI Bootcamp is looking to partner with existing schools and/or CFIs who want to teach initial flight instructors but don’t have a system. We have a press and play syllabus that runs our 7-day immersion in-person or Zoom class. Each hour has a lesson plan, and all of our custom resources and FAA resources are right next to the lesson plan to click and use.

This kind of training would work for both of us if you are in a busy aviation market or you are aligned with a College or Large school that needs to make CFIs but doesn’t have the staff or time.

Target Major Markets for us are:

  1. Seattle

  2. Denver

  3. Phoenix

  4. Dallas

  5. Chicago

  6. New York

If you are interested in this, please email Mike Shiflett at or call 650-600-1021.

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