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Immersive Bootcamp Training

CFI Bootcamp has the experience and the track record to get you finished with your initial flight instructor certificate in around 3 weeks.  Note: You only need to spend 2 weeks on campus with us! The rest you do online where ever / whenever you want. 

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CFI Initial | CFI-Instrument 

4 easy steps.

1. Schedule your desired class.

Schedule the desired class on our website.

2. Submit your deposit.

3. Start the Online Course

Get the online course as soon as you can, but no later than 2 weeks prior to the 7 day class. We recommend you start the Online Course 4 to 6 weeks prior.

4. Complete the Onboarding Document

Complete the Onboarding Document at least 6 weeks before the class.  (Asks for your pilot certificate numbers, FTN etc.) If it is with-in 6 weeks please call us or email to ensure we have sufficient staff.

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Student Success Stories.

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