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Key Takeaways from Redbird Migration, New Flight Training Conference, and PRO Tips for Pilots and Flight Instructors.

April 2023

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Three takeaways from Redbird Migration from the FAA

Everett Rashon, Manager of AFS 600, Part 61 and 141 certification of pilots and flight instructors, spoke during the main session at Migration. These are the most important elements of that presentation.

  1. Exploring electronic pilot certificates to conform with ICAOs coming requirements. The FAA is looking into how to implement electronic pilot certificates after ICAO announced that they would begin requiring all member states to have them. There isn’t a clear timeline for implementing this, but the FAA is on board to look into the best way to do it.

  2. Killing the expiration dates on CFI Certificates. The FAA will publish a Notice of Proposed Rule Making in the Federal Register by the end of this year that will state their intention to issue Flight Instructor Certificates without expiration dates. This aligns with all of the other pilot certificates that the FAA issues. CFIs will meet the recency of experience requirements in a similar way that pilots do to carry passengers, for example. They did not define what the exact recency of experience requirements was going to be, but Mr. Rashon did say that they wouldn’t be out of line with any of our expectations. He also affirmed that a FIRC, in its current form, would be sufficient.

  3. MOASIC - Increasing the performance-based definition of certain Light Sport Aircraft to be more compatible and functional in a traditional flight training provider's fleet. The move afoot is to allow increased weight, higher horsepower engines, faster airplanes, and the like to the Light Sport Definition. The FAA is concerned that the current LSAs are not robust enough due to the restrictions on weight, etc. The plan is to publish a notice of proposed rulemaking in the federal register sometime this year. However, we don’t expect to see actual implementation on this until at least next year.

Mike gives four Forum presentations at Sun-n-Fun.

“ How to make over $100K per year as a full-time flight instructor was the forum's name. Mike gave tangible ways to reach the $100K threshold by teaching flying. The presentation took beginner flight instructors and showed a clear path to get there. For established CFIs, Mike gave them solid marketing techniques to set them apart. The presentations were in the Central Florida Aviation Academy, a purpose-built high school on the Sun-n-Fun grounds. Way better than the tents we used to use.

A PDF of this presentation is available here.

Mike speaks at Redbird Migration in Oshkosh, WI, on “What’s wrong with CFI Training.”

At the April 12, 3:30 PM breakout session in the main conference area at EAAs new Education Center at Oshkosh, WI. MIke delivered a presentation on “What’s wrong with CFI Training.” The presentation identified the issues and then went on to offer solutions. One attendee, an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor from a College in Texas, said, “We are going to be able to put more CFIs through our program by what I just learned here.” He talked about using CFI Bootcamps Right Seat Transition Syllabus and having less than 2 yr CFIs do that work. This allows the 2yr and over CFIs about 5-10 hours per student of their time.

This presentation is available as a PDF here.

A new flight training conference is coming in October to the Sun-n-Fun campus in Lakeland, FL

The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) is having a flight instructor conference, “The NAFI Summit,” October 24 - 26, 2023. The event will be at the Lakeland airport. This is a paid event. Tickets are $310 for non-NAFI members and $250 for members until July 1st. After that, the prices will go up. This conference is one of three that focus on the flight training aspects in aviation. It’s the first Summit that NAFI has done. The conference has identified six themes for forming the presentations and agenda. Those are:

  1. Business of Flight - Managing your own Flight School business.

  2. Instructor Improvements - Tips and Techniques to improve your skills as an instructor.

  3. What Went Wrong - A close look at accident data from instructional flights.

  4. The Wisdom of Wellness - Maintaining your health and well-being.

  5. Cleared for Flight - Creating a path for success for students.

  6. Tip-Top Tech - Using new technology effectively.

You can find out more about the Summit here.

PRO Tips of this month

  1. When flying cross-country at night, plan your fuel stops at 24-hour FBOs. Some self-serve systems don’t work on occasion. If you need fuel, there may be no option until the FBO opens in the morning. By using 24-hour FBOs, you can get fuel, and if the weather isn’t so good, they can help you get a room.

  2. For your next flight review, ask your CFI to use one of AOPAs “Focused Flight Reviews.” You can visit AOPAs Air Safety Institute to see them here.

  3. Have backups to ForeFlight. Your subscription supports three devices. Also, have a battery pack charger with more capacity than the intended flight.

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