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Cheyenne Neff was selected by SAFE, Society of Aviation Flight Educators as the winner of their first ever scholarship.

Chyeynne had no time to waste as she got the news a little over a week before she would need to be in CFI Bootcamp’s 7 day immersion course for Initial Flight Instructor (CFI).

She needed to complete the required online course prior to the class start date. CFI Bootcamp’s online course is 42 hours long and has assessments, a workbook, self-study guide and an end of course exam.

Initially she was getting the scholarship for just the ground portion, but a little over 1/2 way through the class she got word that SAFE would also cover the flight side.

Cheyenne was a great choice. She was smart, highly skilled in the airplane and had all the making of an educator and flight instructor, according to Mike Shiflett, Director of Training and former DPE.

Because she as very current she was able to get through the flight portion below budget.

During the week of the ground school she flew in the mornings. The class is from 11am until 6pm for 7 days straight.

During the following week she finished up the proficiency flights and prepared with her instructor for the checkride. Of everyone in the class, she was the first to take a check ride. So, on Thursday of week two she took and passed the Flight Instructor Airplane Single Engine (CFI-A) checkride.

After the test the DPE said that she did a great job and she was well prepared.

“we didn’t do anything different for her. Her process wasn’t hand-picked or anything like that. Everyone got the same training”; said Mike Shiflett.

CFI Bootcamp is proud of her success and happy that SAFE was able to pull through in the minimum time.

Congratulations Cheyenne and a great job by SAFE.


The new SAFE CFI Scholar program is funded with contributions from generous SAFE members. SAFE has provided modest annual aviation education grants for elementary and secondary teachers since 2009, but this marked the first SAFE CFI flight training scholarship. Please contribute generously to keep this initiative funded!

Click here to contribute now.

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