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When to have "The Talk" with a student

  1. Establish the terms first. Send a terms sheet. 

    1. Begin with clear terms for agreements. Use a terms sheet to outline expectations, fostering transparency and avoiding misunderstandings in any arrangement.

  2. Code of conduct. 

    1. Implement and adhere to a code of conduct to maintain professionalism and ethical standards within your organization or learning environment.

  3. Lesson times and billing. 

    1. Clearly define lesson schedules and billing procedures to ensure a smooth and transparent process for both instructors and learners.

  4. Cancellation policy. 

    1. Establish a concise cancellation policy to manage expectations and handle unforeseen circumstances professionally, respecting the time and effort of all parties involved.

  5. Different instructors. 

    1. Consider engaging various instructors to provide diverse perspectives and teaching styles, enhancing the overall learning experience for participants.

  6. Following a syllabus. 

    1. Create a structured learning environment by adhering to a syllabus, ensuring a systematic and comprehensive approach to the educational content being delivered.

  7. This may not be for you. Issues with skill or risk.

    1. Evaluate if the program aligns with individual skills and risk tolerance. Be transparent about potential challenges, helping participants make informed decisions about their involvement.

  8. Abnormal reactions to anxiety. 

    1. Address and understand abnormal reactions to anxiety, fostering a supportive environment that recognizes and assists individuals dealing with stress or anxiety-related issues.

  9. Defense mechanisms.

    1. Explore and comprehend defense mechanisms, providing insights into psychological processes that individuals may employ to cope with challenges or protect themselves from perceived threats.

  10. How to properly set limitations on endorsements. No need to void them. 

    1. Establish clear boundaries when endorsing others. Avoid the need to nullify endorsements by setting proper limitations, maintaining trust and credibility in professional relationships.

  11. Protecting the public

    1. Prioritize public safety by implementing measures and practices that ensure the well-being and security of individuals interacting with your organization or service.

  12. An incident at the airport affects all businesses there

    1. Acknowledge the impact of airport incidents on all businesses operating in that vicinity, highlighting the interconnected nature of businesses in a shared environment.

  13. Flight school management role. 

    1. Understand and fulfill the responsibilities of managing a flight school, ensuring smooth operations and providing a conducive environment for learning and development.

  14. Chief pilots role. 

    1. Define the chief pilot's responsibilities, emphasizing their leadership role in overseeing flight operations and ensuring compliance with safety regulations and industry standards.

  15. Firing vs breaking up

    1. Distinguish between terminating professional relationships and personal breakups, understanding the nuances and implications of each decision in various contexts.

  16. When to fire. 

    1. Know when to terminate professional arrangements based on performance, ethical concerns, or other valid reasons, maintaining a balance between accountability and fairness.

  17. The breakup talk. 

    1. Approach the termination of professional relationships with sensitivity and clarity, ensuring that the "breakup talk" is conducted professionally and respectfully.

  18. Being professional. 

    1. Uphold professionalism in all interactions, maintaining a high standard of conduct and communication to foster positive relationships and a conducive work or learning environment.

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