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Using ForeFlights Best Features


What subscription plan is best - Performance Plus?

  1. Setting up an airplane profile.

  2. Creating a flight plan and modifying waypoints.

  3. Sharing a flight plan with someone on another ForeFlight device.

  4. Importing your own documents using ForeFlight Documents - Web only.

  5. Linking CFI Essentials Dropbox to ForeFlight Documents - Web only.

  6. Annotation tools in ForeFlight Documents.

  7. Getting a weather briefing - From the FPL Edit section.

  8. Using Hazard Advisor - Setting a new corridor width.

  9. Using Profile View - Overview of all features:

    1. Terrain and obstacles.

    2. Multiple Top of Climbs - Note:  Default altitude should be for the first leg, not the highest of the trip, or Cross At won’t function correctly.

    3. Scrubbing on profile view.

    4. Turning on Layers - Airspace, Clouds, Icing, Turbulence.

  10. Flying your flight plan in 3D view.

  11. Departure and arrival airport in 3D View.

  12. Wind Speeds - Global winds at various altitudes.  Located in Layers in Map View.

  13. Synthetic Vision - Integration of Sentry.

  14. Internet Traffic - Layers in Map View, also in 3D airport view.

  15. Teaching Class G and E using ForeFlight Maps View.

  16. Why I like the Aeronautical Chart Option Better - Terrain, uncluttered the map.

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