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Teaching the Older Pilot


Age and Pilot Performance: Insights From Dr. Victor

  • Mike introduces Dr. Victor, a seasoned medical professional with expertise in breast cancer prevention.

  • Dr. Victor shares experiences as an academic, pilot, and flight instructor, addressing challenges faced by older pilots.

  • Emphasis on flight instructors' awareness of concerns, acknowledging Richard Nixaden's safety advocacy.

  • Discussion on pilot demographics, the impact of age on performance, and questioning the average pilot profile.

Aging Pilots' Performance and Cognitive Changes

  • Insights into the impact of aging on pilot performance, referencing a study showing overall decline.

  • Stress on experience offsetting decline; older pilots with high flight time maintaining skills.

  • Discussion on age-related cognitive changes in perception, memory, psycho motor control.

  • Mention of potential misuse of synthetic vision in advanced aircraft.

Older Pilots' Physical and Cognitive Abilities

  • Importance of evaluating physical and cognitive abilities by flight instructors.

  • Emphasis on assessing skills beyond airplane handling, including memory, decision-making, and information processing.

  • Reminder for self-certification, addressing safety issues like illness, medications, alcohol, and fatigue.

  • Recommendations for maintaining health: regular physicals, sleep, nutrition, hydration, and consulting aviation medical examiners.

Older Pilots' Proficiency and Safety

  • Stress on flight instructors' guidance and direction for older pilots' proficiency.

  • Highlight of a tragic incident underscoring the importance of safety.

  • Mike's commitment to share presentation slides, availability of resources on their website, and recognition of attendees.

  • Discussion on safety measures in flight reviews and the ability to decline if proficiency concerns exist.

Safety, Proficiency, and Assertiveness in Flight Reviews

  • Emphasis on flight instructors asserting 'no' if safety concerns arise during flight reviews.

  • Mike shares experiences with older flight instructors and introduces the Wind Tunnel Pro tool.

  • Mention of the CFI Study group on Facebook as a valuable resource for flight instructor training.

  • Recognition of the importance of assertiveness in situations where safety is at stake.

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