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Teaching in a Multi-Engine Airplane


Hobie emphasized the importance of an upset recovery program for pilots, focusing on immediate action in case of a loss of control due to stalled wings.

The appropriate technique for recovery was demonstrated, cautioning against using rolling G's and highlighting the potential of the trim tab to exert a significant force.

Hobie provided insights on optimal approaches for single and twin engine aircraft, stressing the use of approach flaps and maintaining constant speed and power for a smooth landing.

He further clarified that go-arounds should not be initiated below 400 feet above ground level due to the risk of sinking. Aircraft Experiences and BPT Training Update The team engaged in a discussion about their experiences with different aircraft, particularly the Beach 95, Travel Air 180, and the E.55 and E.58.  Hobie and Mike shared their fondness for the E.55, noting its nimbleness and the challenges it presented due to its low gear speed. They also discussed the future of BPT training, with Hobie explaining that the program had been suspended due to lack of funding, leaving its future uncertain. Lastly, David's plans to present at the NAPA summit in Emory, Riddle, and his preference for flying to Milwaukee over Chicago were discussed. Aircraft Complexities and Commercial Training A detailed discussion about the complexities and potential challenges of teaching on different types of aircraft, with an emphasis on single-engine models.  Hobie shared his insights on various aircraft models, while Mike emphasized the importance of seeking out reliable aircraft for training purposes and discussed the process of obtaining a multi-engine rating. The team also addressed questions related to managing stalls and the use of multi-engine airplanes for commercial purposes. Mike shared his positive experiences with the training program at Wayman and discussed the FAA's reauthorization, as well as a past incident involving twin Comanches and subsequent safety recommendations. Commercial Aviation License Reinstatement and Challenges Mike detailed the process of reinstatement for commercial aviation licenses, emphasizing the fastest and most efficient methods, including the CF-Double Eye and a 3-day class in Palo Alto. Mike also discussed the challenges of landing twin Comanche and shared anecdotes about a failed landing attempt and a soft-field landing request. He concluded the session by addressing work-related matters, including the daily schedule for the CFI and CFII classes.

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