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Scenarios for Flight Instruction

  1. Learning theory. Association. HOTS. Concept learning. Authentic vs traditional assessment. 

  2. Set the scenario first - define the outcome last. 

  3. In a classroom setting, state the problem and let the learners find solutions without them knowing possible or preferred solutions by you. This improves problem-solving and authority as PIC. 

  4. When is it appropriate to introduce scenarios? - After automatic response is achieved. 

  5. Never set up a scenario built to punish the learner - See I told you so is not appropriate. 

  6. Let scenarios play out as far as possible. Don’t convince yourself that the solution is imminent. 

  7. Emergencies are constrained to require specific actions. 

  8. Diversions for different reasons. 

  9. Risk assessment on a challenging route with a high-value target. Organ delivery for a transplant example. 

  10. Outside the comfort zone - Flying to Burning Man - the playa. 

  11. Planning a flight to TVL in a 172 and then a Turbo 182. 

  12. Precautionary landing and survival equipment. 

  13. CFI Bootcamp day Five XC scenario. KPAO to KBIH in a C172N plane. 

  14. Test POH understanding by planning a XC flight in a different make and model.

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