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Memorable Students

With enough time and experience, you will have four types of students:

  1. Those that were nice but not memorable

  2. Those who were not nice - Memorable

  3. Those who were unsafe - Memorable

  4. Those who turned into friends - Memorable

  1. Brilliant - Finished an instrument rating with Jeff in less than 20 hours.  But there is more:

    1. Graduated with a degree in Physics at 20

    2. Earned a Ph.D. from Cambridge in England in Semiconductor Physics at 24

    3. Earned an MBA from Harvard at 26

  2. Crazy - Harley Dude

  3. A Case Study in Risk Management - “The Walking Dead.”

  4. The youth - The oral is a single question!

  5. Owner/Operator Private Pilot Checkride - “Can you take it for a minute?”

  6. Wiggle room - “Traffic!”

  7. The FAR/AIM Book and the E6B are weapons! - That’s why I don’t like paper and the E6B

  8. People can perform unpredictably under the pressure of a checkride - “I gotta GO FOR IT!”

  9. Introducing Greg Brown’s most memorable - Take it Away Greg.

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