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Conducting a Sport Pilot Proficiency Check


Sport Pilots CFI Requirements, and Mosaic Development Raul Salazar discussed the importance of earning wings credit, new privileges that sport pilots will have, requirements for becoming a Commercial Flight Instructor (CFI), and recent changes in terminology from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The discussion also covered the process and requirements for conducting a proficiency check for pilots, the complexities of sport pilot regulations, and upcoming changes in aviation regulations. Pilot Regulations and Certification Discussion

Eligibility requirements, training procedures, and specific limitations for sport, private, and commercial pilots, emphasizing the importance of pre-flight preparation and emergency operations. Mike also clarified questions about pilot categories, aircraft endorsements, and the requirements for a sport pilot flight instructor. Exploring Cirrus Training and Bark Air

The team discussed the challenges and possibilities of training and flying on the Sr. 20 focusing on the potential for sport pilots with minimal hours to get checked out in a Cirrus. They also explored the requirements for flying certain aircraft as private pilots, including the need for specific certificates and hourly minimums.

The conversation touched on a new airline called Bark Air that operates private flights for dogs, and the team joked about the low stall speed of the SR. 20 - Vso making it suitable for this service.

They also discussed the expansion of basic med and sport pilot certificates, and the need for flight instructors to maintain detailed records for at least three years. Aviation Training Recommendations and Certificates

Mike outlined the procedures for providing aviation training recommendations and endorsements, including the requirements for a flight certificate, renewing a flight instructor certificate and reinstating expired certificates. He also discussed the importance of aligning lesson plans with the syllabus. Mike emphasized the significance of quality instruction and cautioned against seeking the cheapest flight instructor. Lindsey and Rick asked questions about certificate renewal, time frames for reinstating certificates, and the possibility of a boot camp counting as a refresher course.

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