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Challenging and Sometimes Funny Instrument Approach Procedures


This Weeks Power Hour has Three Parts:

  1. Challenging Instrument Approaches

  2. Clever Instrument Approach Fix Sequences

  3. Tributes to Movies and the Comics

All the approaches used in this power hour are included for you to review and have fun with.  We use the KMTN VOR approach to teach DME arcs here at CFI Bootcamp in the CFII training.

Challenging Instrument Approaches:

These approaches may just catch you off guard or unprepared.  Some great lessons come from trying to work out what to do in each.

Clever Instrument Approach Fix Sequences:

Some instrument approaches are located in areas famous for one thing or another.  When they can, the TERPS people try to string fix names together to form a sequence you may remember from an old TV show, movie, or something famous about the area.  Like the FIX over Salem, MA, called DUNKK for the dunking stool used to see if you were a witch.

Tributes to Movies and the Comics:

In this section, I located some STARS with fantastic names from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Scoobie Doo.






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