CFI Course

CFI Bootcamp has the Experience and the Track Record to get you finished with your CFI Training and initial flight Instructor certificate in 3 weeks!



42 Hour Online Course 

7 Day Live Class 

7 Days Flight Instruction 

Complete our online content full with assessments a workbook and self-study guide

The Live Ground school is Scenario driven. You learn to do what a CFI does by actually doing it!

Your CFI Training is 15 hours of teaching in the right seat of a 172 and spin endorsement this week

Here's How it works


Online Course

You will complete our online course first.  It’s 42 hours of solid content complete with assessments, a workbook and a Self-Study guide to walk you through the course.  Most students budget 2 weeks to get this done.  Take longer if you want, there is no time limit or schedule to follow.  It’s all at your own pace..

7 Day Class

We offer classes once a month, specifically for CFI Training. This class builds on what you learned in the online course. It’ scenario driven and will include things like completing logbooks for a student pilot, private pilot and commercial pilot, Soloing a student pilot, taking a pilot from Rotorcraft Helicopter to Airplane Single Engine Land, How to teach aerodynamics, Creating lesson plans, Using our lesson plans, Critique and help with presenting lesson plans, Practical Fundamentals of Instruction and so much more.  This is where you learn to do what a CFI does by Actually Doing It!

Peek into a class

Watch as our CFI students solve scenarios on how to endorse student pilots.

It's Checkride Day

Follow along as two of our students prepare and take their CFI checkrides from our Miami location.

Success Stories

Rickey and Gienne at the Miami location talking about their successes.

Flying and Teaching

During your CFI Training, you’ll spend about 15 hours in the right seat of a 172 learning how to teach all of the private and commercial maneuvers.  You’ll give a pre-flight briefing on what you’ll teach in flight and then get a comprehensive debriefing after the flight on how it went.  You’ll also spend a half-day getting your spin endorsement this week. Getting you ready for the check ride and in particular, the Oral part of the test is an everyday part of the 7 days.  It’s ground, flight, ground flight - rinse and repeat for 7 days.

Checkride Day

You'll take your checkride shortly after the 7 days of flying and teaching. If you prepare before you show up with proficiency in the right seat and the spin endorsement then your Checkride could be on the last day of the 7 days of flight and teaching. 


Want to Learn More?

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Committed to Training

CFI Bootcamp believes training is the forefront of safety. We strive to educate and develop our students into decision making pilots. By using our custom curated documents and online course, we are able to effectively and efficiently provide world class training.

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