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Accelerated CFI Training
in Seattle: The Ultimate Guide

Use our Online Course, then Attend a Ground School, or Complete our Entire Program.

42 Hour Online Course

7 Day Immersion Ground


Intensive Flight


Checkride Prep

Complete 100% Online Flight Instructor Course. 

Taught by a former FAA and CAA Examiner.

Guides you through the Hard Stuff.

Attend a 7-Day Immersion Course.

In-person or Live Streaming.

Maximize your Checkride Success.

Fly From a Bootcamp Authorized Location.

15hrs - Dual Flight.

Learn to Teach from the Right Seat. 

Get Finished + Ready to Teach.

10-12hrs One - One Pre/post Briefings.

Access to Concentrated Checkride Guides


To become a CFI in Seattle, WA, make sure you get the best training possible. Teaching others to fly is important and requires expertise and understanding of the technical subject areas found inside the PTS and soon to be ACS. In this guide, we will explore CFI Bootcamp's accelerated CFI training that can be started in Seattle WA. We will Shed light on tips and information to help you make the best possible decision moving forward with your Flight Instructor Certification.

We have Proudly Provided Training for:

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Why Begin Accelerated CFI Training in Seattle with CFI Bootcamp?

  1. Faster and Tailored Progression

    1. The begining stages of our CFI training programs can begin in Seattle WA to accelerate your certification compared to traditional training programs. This program is intensive and focused, allowing you to progress faster towards the direction you're leaning towards in your aviation career. The quicker you obtain your rating, the faster you'll be able to make money, and build time if that's your goal.

  2. Expert Instructors

    1. At CFI Bootcamp you'll find an abundance of highly qualified flight instructors with a wealth of experience. Accelerated CFI training can only be achieved by learning from experts who mentor you in all aspects of becoming a flight instructor. A qualified experienced flight instructor will help create the confidence and skillset it takes in becoming a reputable instructor.

  3. Cost-Efficiency

    1. Accelerated CFI training may seem expensive at first. However, it is crucial to consider the time and resources that will be saved in the long run. With a quicker certification process, you'll be able to start earning as a CFI sooner, ultimately offsetting the initial investment.

Learn more about the delta of Accelerated Training Cost Here.

The CFI Bootcamp Accelerated CFI Training Experience

Once you've decided if our program is right for you, you can expect a rigorous and rewarding training experience. Here's what you can anticipate:

  1. Online Ground School - (Self Paced)

    1. Our Accelerated CFI training begins with an 42 hour online comprehensive ground school course. This phase covers topics such as aviation regulations, aerodynamics, and instructional techniques. The purpose of our online course is to lay the foundation, and bring you up to speed with-in all of the technical subject area inside the CFI PTS.

  2. 7 Day Immersive Ground School

    1. You'll engage in scenario driven hands-on ground training. In 7 days, you'll gain the skills and confidence to start teaching right away after getting your certificate.

  3. Flight Training and Exam Preparation

    1. You will receive 10-15 hours of right seat transition training. Additionally, you will have 10-12 hours of individual one to one briefings before and after each flight. These training sessions will prepare you for the practical exam required to satisfy your training.

    2. (Location specific to flight training)

After finishing your fast CFI training in Seattle and getting certified, it's time to start your CFI career. Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Build Your Network

    1. Connect with aviation professionals, including other CFIs, to build your network and gain valuable insights into the industry.

  2. Apply for Positions

    1. Start applying for CFI positions at flight schools, academies, or other aviation organizations.

  3. Continue Learning

    1. Aviation is an ever-evolving field. Stay updated with industry changes and continuously enhance your knowledge and skills.

  4. Be Patient and Persistent

    1. Becoming a successful CFI may take time, but persistence and dedication will pay off in the long run.

In conclusion, begining your accelerated CFI training in Seattle is your gateway to a fulfilling and dynamic career in aviation. With the right program and dedication, you can achieve your dream of becoming a Certified Flight Instructor. Start your journey today, and let the skies be your classroom.

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