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CFI Course | CFI Training

What you Get

Fundamentals of Instructing

You'll learn the Phychology behind teaching in practical scenario based terms.  Instructors here fully understand the FOI and can give meaning to you.

3 Weeks to CFI

The entire program takes just three weeks. (Two weeks for the Ground School Only) You to take the online course first, then arrive on campus for at least one week.  If you are flying with us this will be done in week Three.'re Done!

Classroom and 1 to 1 Training

The program uses a combination of classroom and one to one training.  One to one training is focused on crafting you into a teacher of the material.  You can also purchase just the online course instead of attending the live class.

Technical Subjects

Put the fine point on topics like Aerodynamics, Systems, Airspace, Weather, Regulations and more.  We teach content not "overview material".

Teach from our Syllabus

You'll start teaching the Private and Commercial lessons using our Lesson Plans and Syllabus.  By the time you're done you'll know them inside and out and they'll be ready for you to use with your students right away.


The cost of the Ground School course is     $ 2,050.00    This includes the online course, 7 days of classroom instruction, and all training materials including our custom workbook.  If you are doing our online only course it's $ 1200.00  If you will be flying with us plan on 15 hours of dual instruction in a Cessna 172 and 20 hours of ground instruction in addition to the ground school.  Call us for current rates for instructors and airplanes.  You can also use your own CFI to finish up.

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