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Like reading weather theory textbooks, you can read one paragraph, understand what you read, then read the next and totally forget what in the first paragraph.   It’s the same for the FOI.  It’s because there is no framework, no key points and relationships of one topic to the next.  So, I set out to show the main key point relationships of the concepts of each chapter and did that by giving you a roadmap, mind map etc.  It’s a top-down view of each chapter rather than a step by step read of the information where the hope is that you form the connections.


After reading the handbook, you can look at the corresponding map and see how each main point connects to the main topic.  If there are things that would be good to memorize, they are on the map.  In this way you not only understand the key points, but you know how they are connected to the central topic of the chapter and each other.  With this insight you should have a far easier time understanding and using the content in the handbook.  To help you along I also created a worksheet for each chapter that is essentially the map with many of the key points removed that allow you to fill them in, thereby helping anchor the key concepts.

FOI RoadMaps

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