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The Problem:

Creating a CFI Lesson Plan from scratch is something flight instructor courses and students of them don't do well. This is primarily because there isn't really good material from the FAA on how to do it. The Aviation Instructor's Handbook has two small segments in Chapter 4 and 6 that speak about it but don't offer any real clear step by step instructions. Part of this is because they are not approaching the subject as an educator, only as a pilot who needs to be able to teach someone to fly. Every educator knows how to construct and use a lesson plan. It's a staple in teaching. The problem is that these types of lesson plans don't conform that well to maneuvers based training, like teaching Steep Turns. The Lesson Plans are taught from a classroom and academics program that aren't that good for CFI Lesson Plans that you need to teach your students and to present on a checkride. 

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The Solution:

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Our new FREE videos, teach you how to create CFI Lesson Plans for both a maneuver and an academics lesson for Aviation. Mike will break down all of the components of the lesson plan and actually create a lesson plan for Steep Turns from scratch in the videos showing you how to do it step by step using the Airplane Flying Handbook, POH and ACS. This video training is complete. It's over 2 hours of solid training. It's not a sample or incomplete lesson.   

Key Features of our Lesson Plans

Save Hours, Days, Weeks and Even Months

Let us save you from an enormous amount of pain. We use these with every student at CFI Bootcamp and they've been refined over the years and have become the most effective lesson plan resource to flight instructors everywhere. They are constructed in a logical order to teach any Private or Commerical Maneuver and any technical subject area in the Flight Instructor PTS.

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Worried about updates after purchasing our CFI Lesson Plans? Worry no more, after purchase you will have access up to a year to the most up to date Lesson Plans. 

Clickable Table of Contents and Bookmarks

Our Lesson Plans have been created in a way that provide a quick and easy navigation method through the Private, Commercial and Technical subject areas of the PTS. With one click you're exactly where you want to be. 

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