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Make your Multi Engine training quicker and more efficient using CFI Bootcamp’s Multi Engine Lesson Plans.  As a learner you want your training to be efficient and streamlined as possible.  As an Instructor you want to make sure you cover everything and keep your learner on track.  Flying a Multi Engine Airplane requires training and knowledge. 

 Multi Engine training using lesson plans, built for this purpose, can be enhanced and streamlined.  Learners know what will be covered in the lesson and what the expectations of them will be.  Instructors will have plans that include chapter and page numbers of the relevant FAA handbooks, regulations, ACS’ and more.

CFI Bootcamp’s Multi Engine Lesson Plans cover every technical subject area and all maneuvers indicated in the Private and Commercial Pilot ACS and the Flight Instructor Airplane Multi Engine PTS.  Every knowledge area is addressed by providing a quick summary and the exact reference to the FAA material.  These lesson plans don’t require the learner or Instructor to use Commercial developed textbooks or videos.  The plans are referenced directly to the FAA materials.

Multi Engine training involves Aeronautical Knowledge and Flight Training.  These lesson plans are written for either an original Multi Engine rating such as Private or Commercial Pilot Airplane Multi Engine Land certificate, or for an additional rating.

As an Instructor you’ll find that CFI Bootcamp’s products are all written by our professional instructors and educators to help you teach.  You’ll be teaching complete lessons and have the references right on the lesson plan.  No need to try to figure out which FAR, handbook or ACS element is being addressed.  It’s all right there on the lesson plan.

CFI Bootcamp’s Multi Engine Lesson Plans fit into any Multi Engine Training syllabus.  They work in either a Part 61 or 141 flight school.  Whether you are teaching at an academy or as a freelance instructor, these plans will really help keep your teaching focused and effective.

If you are training to become as Multi Engine Pilot, the plans can help you identify what must be covered and where the information is located.  If you are training to be a Multi Engine Instructor, these plans cover all technical subject areas and flight maneuvers.  

Taking a checkride?  Why reinvent the wheel?  You can use these lesson plans and modify or add material as you like.  

If you are currently using a syllabus to provide Multi Engine training you’ll find that these lesson plans are a great fit.  If the learner has attended a formal ground school, you can just scan the lesson plan and quiz the student.  If you’ll be providing the ground instruction, you’ll have a complete lesson ready to go.

When preparing to become an MEI you should have a set of lesson plans that address everything in the Flight Instructor Airplane Multi Engine PTS as well as the Private and Commercial Pilot ACS’.  These lesson plans do exactly that.,

The problem with making your own lesson plans is that you may miss something important, or the “flow” of the lesson may be disjointed.  These lesson plans cover everything needed and the flow of the lesson is natural and in the correct order.

CFI Bootcamp also provides Multi Engine Training and is a quality provider of Flight Instructor Training.  No other company has developed as much custom, flight instructor specific, training products.  You can be assured that what you get will work great, make you look good and cover everything needed for a Multi Engine Pilot or Instructor.

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