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About Us

20 Years

Of Experience

With Exceptional Results


Since 1995 we have been training flight instructors.  Our first time pass rate is over 90 percent while the National Average is under 40 percent.


Experience matters - The course designed and administered by a former Designated Pilot Examiner who was authorized to examine Initial CFI applicants.


The program uses a combination of an Online Course and a 7-day class on campus. The Online Course delivers in a lecture format complete with assessments and a workbook. The 7-day class is our "Nuts and Bolts" course where students practice teaching, soloing students, completing logbooks, using the FOI in a practical sense and more. 


We have two locations Palo Alto Airport in the San Francisco Bay Area and North Perry and Opa-Locka Airports in the Miami area. Our facilities are first rate - No 1980's look and feel. Everything here is quality including your training and your instruction.

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