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Become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) in 3 weeks

CFI Bootcamp has the experience and the track record to get you finished with your CFI Initial Flight Instructor Certificate in 3 weeks.

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Two Locations

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Palo Alto, CA

Miami, FL

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The CFI Bootcamp Experience

CFI Bootcamp believes training is the forefront of safety. We do it like Medical Schools do it. During your CFI training, you'll have structured practice teaching to real Private Pilot Students as well as with fellow CFI Students. Your knowledge and confidence build quickly using this method. You will know what you "don't know" and feel confident in what you do by actual practice.

Our Structured Program that has been proven to work! 

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Learn the Fundamentals to the "Why & How" 

Teach from our Syllabus

Teach from our Lesson Plans

Practice by actually "Doing" what a CFI does

Classroom with 1 on 1 Training 

Receive the critique needed from Industry Leaders

Build Confidence approaching your CFI Checkride 

100% Online CFI Course 

CFI Training is our Speciality. You will complete our 100% online CFI Course first before attending our CFI ground school. It's 42 hours of solid content complete with assessments, a workbook and a Self-Study guide to walk you through the course. Most students budget 2 weeks to get this done. Take longer if you want, there is no time limit or schedule to follow. It's all at your own pace.. 


Taught by a former FAA and CAA Examiner 


Complete HD Online Course 


Packaged with our Digital Resources 


Perfect for Flight schools


Perfect for self Study 

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7 Day Class

We offer classes once a month specifically for CFI Training. This class builds on what you learn in the online course. This is where you learn to do what a CFI does by Actually Doing It!

Flying and Teaching 

January 2020' KPAO CFI Class 

During your CFI Training, you'll spend about 15 hours in the right seat of a 172 learning how to teach all of the private and commercial maneuvers. You'll give a pre-flight briefing on what you'll teach in flight and then get a comprehensive debriefing after the flight on how it went. You'll also spend a half-day getting your spin endorsement this week. Getting you ready for the checkride, in particular, the Oral part of the test is an everyday part of the 7 days. Its ground, flight, ground flight - rinse and repeat for 7 days.

CFI Checkride Preparation


One on one Oral prep for the CFI Checkride 

Walk into your CFI Checkride feeling over-prepared. By following our program you'll feel confident knowing that you are ready.


Access to our "Checkride Write-Ups'

from past students. 


The headake of finding and Scheduling of your CFI Checkride is on us.


Sunder 2019', CA

"A big shout out to Mike Shifflet and his team for putting their best to make the best instructors in town. I feel proud to be one of them

Yuran D, 2018', FL 

I finished my CFI on the first try so a HUGE thanks to you and the ground school you put on. Worth Every Penny!

Kevin G, 2019', CA

CFI Bootcamp is not a "diploma mill". Mike's oft-stated goal is to make you a competent instructor with an eye to the eventual checkride. This approach pays off.

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