November 2018 CFI class in Palo Alto, CA.

After completing our CFI online course, we had the opportunity to host many pilots with different backgrounds and current occupations. With that being said, our 7-day live class is a part of our accelerated CFI training program. Among the class, we had a mother daughter team from Oregon and a survivor of an airplane crash with a remarkable story. He has overcome many obstacles including spending four years in a hospital bed. Now, he is working on his commercial certificate and CFI with us. We also had an ATP with 6000+ hours, a director of operations for an IT company, a veteran from San Diego and a guy who worked night shifts at the San Jose airport after attending our ground school. We definitely had a mixed group in our live flight instructor course. They were highly energetic and doubled-down on class participation. Now, after completing our in person CFI course, they are ready to move onto the flying portion. More updates later on………

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