More first time Passes!

Sacha passed his initial CFI test two days ago. They had to stop the test after the oral the other day due to weather but continued on Monday and Sacha is a brand new CFI. Great job on that.

Also, just in, Mariano just took his initial CFI test with the South Florida FSDO and passed it on the first attempt. The debriefing from the inspector to our instructor, Tony, was that he did a great job. Congratulations Mariano.

These two students were in the May 26 - June 1 Flight instructor course in Opa-Locka, FL. Both students completed the online CFI course prior to alluding the 7 day class. After that one student needs to go to work to finish up a project and the other wanted to take his test in Santa Fe, NM. So, a little delay but both now complete with the checkride and CFI course at our Miami Location.

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