Ambyr is really using the CFI Bootcamp training

Just in from Minnesota - Ambry has really been using the "weird" scenarios that we use in the class to teach you how to get through the regulations. She also likes the resources, like the video course, dropbox and flow charts we have. Here is her email to us today.....

Feel free to share this.

Wednesday I was doing endorsement review with a CFI applicant who's ride is next week. I included the scenarios I got in the class, including a Commercial Helicopter pilot walks in the door who wants to get his ASEL -what does he need? I was super confident in helping the applicant through the process and was able to correct a couple over-sites he made.

Thursday a guy walked in the door who was a Commercial Heli and wanted his ASEL. Seriously. The chief pilot looked at him and said something like, oh man, you may want to talk to the FSDO to be sure. I was able to step in to help him out.

Friday a Canadian PPT walked in the door and wanted to know what it would take to fly here. The 2 CFIs at the desk's eyes glazed over. I was able to grab those flow charts out of my drawer (which they by the way never seemed to care to read) and was able to help direct the guy.

Sincere thanks in all the knowledge & resources you helped give me,


Thats great when our students shine........

- Mike

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