More Successes.......

Jaehee, Ryan Houghton, and Edward Bailey are the latest to pass their CFI. These guys were from Hillsboro Oregon and did a great job getting through the "System". We are happy for them. Edward flew to our South Florida location to finish up training there. He took his test with DPE Sean Capper and left with the Temporary in Hand on his way back to Oregon.

Another class of 7 starts on February 19th and then another 5 to 6 in March....

On an update note - We are moving our location in Fort Myers, FL to North Perry Airport in Fort Lauderdale. We have a class there which is not yet listed on the website starting on March 30th and running to April 5th. North Perry is a hot bed of aviation training and in and around the Miami area there are a lot of flight schools. Makes sense for us to be nearer to these schools. We are partnering with Wayman International to get things rolling. We have three Arrows there!

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