FREE - Creating a Lesson Plan Video Coming

We have just finished up shooting a new video called "Creating a Lesson Plan". Seems everyone has trouble making lesson plans and there is not a lot of information on how to make them for aviation. There are lesson plans you can buy, but many are incomplete, say too much, etc. Plus, you have to be able to teach the lesson and so you need to get real familiar with them and add your own stuff to them.

This all leads us to the problem which his "How do you create a lesson plan for Aviation?". The answer is to let Mike, our resident Instructor's Instructor show you how in a very comprehensive two part video.

The first video will run about an hour and will dive into how to create a lesson plan by integrating many of the concepts of the fundamentals of instructing like the laws of intensity, primacy, and how to use blooms taxonomy to create a learning outcome and objective. Don't worry if you don't know these terms right now. They are covered in detail in the video.

This first video is the most comprehensive video that has been created on how to create a lesson plan for aviation. By the end of this video you will know exactly how to write a learning outcome, structure a lesson plan, and what steps are needed to get everything in order.

In the second video Mike creates a lesson plan on "Steep Turns" from scratch using the techniques from the first video. Here he shows how to gather the relevant information from the Airplane Flying Handbook, POH and ACS to create the elements and how to get the flow and order just right. He covers this by using the traditional lesson plan favored by most Examiners and Inspectors.

These videos are currently in editing and will be available in about a week on the site. We will post a link in the blog so you can get them. In the mean time we have just added a place on the home page to leave your email to get a copy as soon as it's done. (Expected Feb 22nd)

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