Finished a big job in Phoenix - 90 percent pass rate

I mentioned a while back that we were doing training for a large flight academy. We finished in fact 8, maybe 9 of the 16 Instrument Flight Instructors. We had a 90 percent pass rate there. We used three different examiners and worked like crazy to get things done.

With the help of our online CFI course for the instrument flight instructor we were able to shave off time and days of training. Our Flight instructor course instructors really did a great job getting everyone trained up and ready for test

There were mostly two of us at a time, for a few days three and for around 7 days just one of us on site in Phoenix, AZ. We stayed in an apartment and used Uber a lot to get around. We did at least three sim sessions of around 1;5 hours or so and then three fights to get them ready. We also did a two day 12 hour ground school and then another 3 hours of oral preparation. It was a lot of work and our instructors went home tired. The flight instructors that we were training all had a great attitude and were also working with their students when they were not training with us. Hectic schedule.

On a scary note. I have never seen airspace more congested than there. There are so many airplanes in the sky at any given moment it is unreal. Also there are only two ILS approaches the area, one at Mesa Gateway and another at Casa Grande (non towered). It's not uncommon for Gateway to not allow an ILS approach as the winds favor the other runway so that leaves just one ILS and you can wait for 30 to 40 minutes to get it.

I worked 15 days straight from 8am to 6pm every day with students filling every space but lunch Doug worked a similar schedule and was able to fly out for some breaks. Andy G was there for 11 days straight and did about 30 plus hours of flying. It was busy.

In the end the CFI course we put together for the Instrument instructors went well. we spent a lot of quality time at the Deer Valley airport and in the evenings there was just enough time to get supplies at the walking distance Wallmart. We also spent a fair amount of time at the Olive garden, TGI Fridays, and Asho Sushi.

We will probably do more there in late July but for now we are back and done. A great result again from our team.

- Mike

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