More capability for our Flight Instructor Course - We are opening Ft. Myers in August

For those of you located on the East Coast we are happy to let you know that our Flight Instructor Course will also be offered at our new Ft. Myers location in Sunny South Florida.

The facility is right on the ramp at Page Field (KFMY). We have a classroom there with a Piper Arrow II, Archer, 172s and a Multi Engine Duchess (BE76). This will allow us to do flight instructor training for all three flight instructor ratings (CFI, CFII and MEI).

The location is staffed by Three instructors. Students will still do our Online CFI class prior to arriving and will then attend the same 7 day live class we do at Palo Alto.

We also intend to use the facility as our "Finish Up" location during the winters. Palo Alto can have a lot of rain from January through March. So we can do as much as we can in Palo Alto then 5 days in Ft. Myers with the test there and it's done. The weather in South Florida during the winter is very good.

KFMY is a class D airport with excellent services on the field. Accommodation is pretty good too. Everything from hotels on the beach to rooms on AirBnB make this a great location to train and have a little fun too.

We will be doing some improvements to the classroom in July and then we will have the first class of students August 21st. Flight instructor training at this airport makes sense for us in so many ways. It addresses the travel time for students and flight schools located in the mid west, south and on the east coast. Driving from NY is around 14 to 16 hours. From Atlanta around 8 or so hours. Airline travel is also pretty good with flight times from an hour to two.

Look for more on our Flight Instructor Course at Fort Myers in the next few months. You can already see class times on our Calendar and Reservations tab from this website.

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