We are doing serious training in Phoenix

I just got back from flight instructor training we are doing in Phoenix. The project will go until nearly the end of the month and then we will go back next month, May, and do another two weeks to finish up. We are training up around 16 CFIs to become Instrument Flight Instructors. We have 10 hour days of either Simulator, Airplane, Ground Schools and sometimes a combination of all three. Of course we are in the business of providing flight instructor courses so we are in our element.

Phoenix is really busy..... Lots of airspace and only two ILS approaches, each of which need the wind to favor the east. That means early morning flights. We have been training the past two weeks solid and have our first person ready for test tomorrow at 5:30am. He did very well in the program. This month we should have around 8 through the program and the rest next month.

Our online CFI course has really helped with shortening the amount of time the students have needed to be with us. Without that we would have needed another10 hours of ground time with each of the 16 students. Glad we have it and they are using it.

We got there on the 29th and did a survey of everything on the 30th. We started working on the 31st and had three sim sessions a day for 9 days. After that I taught a two day ground class and did another day of one sim before I came home. I was exhausted and am still recovering from the intense work schedules. I had Doug with me then and he got a small break over the weekend. I worked a solid 11 days. We had another of our crew show up on the 10th and he will stay until the 18th.

So....Look at the Phoenix Class B and try to figure out how you would do flight training on instrument approaches and stay VFR with practice approaches without getting into anyones airspace. It's difficult and there are airplanes everywhere.

STACK PROCEDURES: It's so busy that the ILS approaches get swamped with planes. So at Casa Grande airport KCGZ you have to enter the hold over the Stanfield VOR (TFD) and everyone is separated holding at 500 foot increments. This is all on CTAF not with approach control - Self Separation. You descend 500 feet at a time until its your turn. It's insane the amount of traffic and how we don't bump metal up there.

Doug will be back at our base tomorrow night as we both have to teach a Part 107 (Remote Pilot Drone Class) at Google on Friday. It takes all day but we always have great students.

More details on the CFII training coming. In the mean time if you are using our CFI training products know that there are a lot of potential CFI and CFIIs in those same courses. The results are great.

Talk later......

Mike Shiflett

Director of Training

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