CFI Bootcamp is exploding - Training offsite and announcing our new location Opening in August 2017

We are excited to be doing training for another large flight academy in another state. We are sending a few of our best and brightest to train up almost 20 Instrument Flight Instructors at the academies location. Our CFIs from CFI Bootcamp will be on location to provide Simulator, Flight Instruction, Ground Training and Checkride preparation over the next three weeks. We will fly 100 hours using two sims and over 85 in two airplanes to get the job done. We will also host two days of solid ground training. All students are now completing our CFII online course so they will be ready to get to work later on this week.

On the minus side, it means that we had to pull the April 2017 Initial CFI Class. We do have classes in May and every month moving forward.

We are also getting things ready to open up our South Florida Location in August. You can find a list of classes available in both Palo Alto, CA and Ft. Meyers, FL in the calendar and reservations page of the website.

We will also be hiring two new experienced CFIs to work in South Florida over the coming months. In the mean time two of our Palo Alto instructors will be onsite in Fort Myers for 10 days a month to take care of the classes and flights.

As with the Palo Alto location, all students who attend our Flight Instructor Course are required to first complete the online training so that they are super prepared when they arrive on campus. Its the reason we are so successful turning out CFIs in a short period of time all fully qualified to start teaching anywhere.

We will be posting more on this in late May.

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