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There is a nationwide shortage of flight instructors. I have over 95 openings to fill. If you want a job as a CFI then train at CFIBOOTAMP and take one of the many jobs we have from our partner schools.

The Flight Instructor Course we offer includes an online course, followed by practical training. I literally have flight schools calling every day to ask if I can send them any CFIs. I never thought it would be so great to be a CFI but you are in demand.

All you need to do is the complete our flight instructor course and then there are interview after interview of great places to work whether you are building time or want a career as a CFI.

I just did a presentation at one of our partner schools, San Carlos Flight Center. There were at least 20 people attending in person and many online listening to my presentation on how to become a flight instructor.

Our only real problem is that we aren't offering another class until May 15th and its getting full. If you are considering this class, I'd recommend signing up for it on the website ASAP. You could then do the Online CFI class that needs to be done before you show up and away you go.

Call to discuss your options any time.

By the way, the reason we have no April class is because 3 of our CFIs including myself are going to be at a very large flight academy in another state training up 16 Instrument Flight Instructors at their facility. We are going to get back to our home turf in late April just in time for the May class. Several people from the presentation today indicated they are probably going to get in on the May class. We only have between 6 to 8 seats total and with 3 gone already....well. After that we have a class in June. Remember, our season is Late May to November here in Northern California, so get done and don't miss out on the good months of flying...

- Mike S

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