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The MSL series is an automatic filter press with a maximum feeding pressure of 16 bar.

The frame is created of two steel plates that are two side rails, during which the filter plates are recommended. The plate transfer mechanism is found on the outer side of the rails, outside the wet area of the filter. It consists of a water-powered motor with a pressure limiter, two strands of chains of links, axes with pinions, and a tensioning mechanism. The drag chain is preserved on product splashes and is out of reach of the hand's operator.

Our company Filter press manufacturers consistent with global standards and quality. We also export high-pressure membrane filter press to several clients across the globe. The membrane squeeze plate is obtainable to suit up to 16 bar removing pressure; solid percentage gains because of the new liquid family through the squeeze cycle.

Filtration cycle times are shortened with the current recess chamber plate (Plate and Frame) filter press, appearing in concert with membrane plates v/s chamber plates. Traditionally, filter presses can only produce dry solids with high discharge pressure to operate feed pumps.

The membrane filter press we offer is getting public recognition, decreasing disposal costs for filter presses. It also reduces the moisture content, thus making it ideal for brand new plants.

Membrane Filter Press:

Membrane filter press are used for extra moisture reduction within the cake. The method is comparable to the chamber filter press during the initial filtration phase, usually called the filling cycle. Precisely, it consists of one membrane plate containing the Thermoplast elastomer and one solid polypropylene plate.

After reaching a predefined pressure-usually around 4-7 bar-depending on the liquid characteristics; liquid feeding is stopped, and also the membranes are slowly inflated, using oil as a squeeze medium. The cake is at this moment compressed and dewatered further. This process is sustained up to 21 bar pressure. Then the squeeze medium is relieved, and also the cake is discharged.

The design is for a 30 bar membrane filter press once the results are per the customer's requirements.

Essentially, Automatic filter press are pressure filters in which a series of plates and frames or chamber plates are compressed between a fixed bulkhead and an adjustable bulkhead on the other end. The filter media is placed between each element.